EGP 8.711bn allocated for National Veal Project, benefiting 43,600 breeders

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The Board of Directors of the National Veal Project, led by ElSayed ElKosayer, the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, has approved the allocation of EGP 139.348m for 95 beneficiaries. These beneficiaries include small breeders and college graduates, with a total of 900 livestock. This funding is provided within the framework of the presidential initiative “Decent Life,” aimed at developing the Egyptian countryside and improving residents’ lives.

Moustafa El-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fish, and Poultry, highlights that the total project funding amounts to EGP 8.711bn. Approximately 43,600 beneficiaries will benefit from this investment, focusing on the growth and fattening of over 506,000 livestock. These animals include calves for meat production and high-productivity heifers for milk production, contributing to increased meat and dairy availability.

The project operates under a cooperation protocol involving the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the Agricultural Bank of Egypt (ABE), and a private-sector company. The goal is to promote high-productivity dairy cattle breeds among small breeders, offering concessional financing and comprehensive technical, logistical, and financial support.

El-Sayyad emphasizes the importance of field follow-ups for the beneficiaries of the national veal project. The Livestock and Poultry Development Sector, in coordination with the General Authority for Veterinary Services and local agricultural and veterinary offices across Egyptian governorates, intensifies these efforts. They provide essential support, including veterinary care, to ensure successful livestock management.

Inspections of beneficiaries’ barns are conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, ABE, and the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) to verify suitable conditions and adequate space for breeding.

Tarek Soliman, Head of the Livestock and Poultry Development Sector, explains that individuals seeking services from the national veal project can visit the nearest agricultural administration branch of ABE or NBE. Alternatively, they can communicate online with the relevant livestock and poultry department.

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