Gaza genocide: Over 32,000 killed, more than 75,000 injured

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The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza has resulted in a tragic loss of life and numerous injuries. Current figures report 32,845 fatalities and 75,392 injuries since the aggression began.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the Israeli occupation committed 6 massacres during the past 24 hours, leaving 63 dead and 94 wounded.

The Ministry of Health called on everyone to work in empty hospitals and allocate them only to the sick and wounded so that health personnel can provide life-saving services and treatment.

It stated in a statement that the health system has reached almost complete paralysis due to the Israeli targeting, adding that the suffering of the sick and wounded is exacerbated by the lack of any places to provide treatment services, as the hospitals’ departments and beds are filled with displaced people, in addition to the spread of infection among the patients and the displaced themselves.

In the meantime, the Jordanian army aviation, in partnership with 5 countries, carried out 8 airdrops during which it dropped humanitarian and food aid, targeting several sites in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to the official website of the Jordanian Armed Forces, a Jordanian Air Force plane, an Egyptian plane, a UAE plane, three United States planes, a German plane, and a British plane participated in the operation.

The Armed Forces confirmed that they are continuing to send humanitarian and medical aid via an air bridge to be delivered via aid planes from Marka Airport towards Al-Arish International Airport, or through airdrops on the Gaza Strip or ground aid convoys.

On the ground, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that its members were able to ensnare an Israeli force in a complex ambush. 

It pointed out that they targeted a troop carrier with an “Al-Yassin 105” missile in the downtown area of the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, and targeted a group of 7 soldiers in the same place with another missile, adding that immediately after the rescue force arrived to rescue them, they were clashed with heavy weapons, leaving them all dead and wounded. 

However, the Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad movement, said that its members targeted an Israeli Merkava tank in the vicinity of the Al-Shifa complex, west of Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip.

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