Sky way Real Estate Development Company has been awarded three ISO quality certifications

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Skyway Real Estate Development Company, a leading real estate development company in Egypt, has been awarded three ISO certifications (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015) in the areas of quality management, occupational health and safety, and environmental management. The company is one of the first in Egypt to achieve these certifications in the field of real estate development, reflecting its contribution and the management team’s efforts in achieving this significant accomplishment.

This achievement is a culmination of the company’s efforts in implementing quality management systems and requirements, governance programs, enhancing service and project levels, transparency, and applying professional and managerial standards.

Skyway Real Estate Development Company successfully completed three essential stages to obtain the quality certification: establishing the system with the General Management of Quality and Institutional Excellence, establishing the quality system with the general departments associated with the board of directors, as well as qualifying all company sectors to align the system with its systems according to the approved organizational structure, while committing to the requirements of the specifications and working according to its global provisions.

Sky way Real Estate Development Company has been awarded three ISO quality certifications

Engineer Hassani El Saiedy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skyway Real Estate Development Company, affirmed the company’s continuous pursuit of benefiting from continuous improvement opportunities by harnessing all available opportunities and strengths to direct all resources towards achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

El Saiedy added that the company seeks to achieve and continue its progress towards achieving the highest standards of quality and institutional excellence, while ensuring the application of best practices in work environments, achieving leadership on all levels, especially in its connection to real estate development, commercial, investment, and residential facilities. With the company obtaining ISO certification in occupational health and safety and the environment, it aligns with its commitment to activating safety mechanisms in the work environment and providing safety tools such as fire extinguishing and rapid evacuation plans using the latest technologies.

Engineer Hassani El Saiedy stated that the company obtained three new ISO certificates, noting that the first certificate is ISO 45001 for compliance with international standards for occupational health and safety management systems for the project site, with the main goal of increasing safety rates in workplaces, minimizing safety problems, eliminating these risks, and demonstrating the company’s responsibility in this regard while maintaining employee motivation as the most valuable assets for the institution.

He continued that the company obtained ISO 9001 certification (for compliance with quality management system standards in the real estate development and investment sector), which relates to the application of quality standards in all operations and activities to enhance the institution’s ability to provide high-quality services and products.

He added that ISO 14001 was obtained based on risk analysis, with the aim of reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing the damages to soil, water, and air.

El Saiedy concluded: The three ISO certificates come within the framework of Skyway Real Estate Development Company’s strategy, which focuses primarily on providing the best international practices, improving operational efficiency, enriching competitive advantages, and building a unique and long-term operational model through a series of programs designed to elevate the brand and enhance its operations from all aspects. The company believes that adhering to excellence in quality, health and safety, occupational responsibility is a social commitment that positively contributes to sustainable development, ensuring its continuous growth and prosperity. The company’s continuous commitment to setting the best global quality standards, based on its outstanding record in providing exceptional services to its clients, receives positive recognition in regional and international markets, enhancing its growing operational capabilities.

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