Egypt maintains stance against displacement of Palestinians from Gaza

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has reaffirmed Egypt’s firm rejection of any Israeli endeavors to displace Palestinians from Gaza, whether voluntarily or by force. This statement responds to comments made by Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer, who suggested encouraging Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip.

Abu Zeid emphasized that Israeli actions on the ground are indicative of an intention to forcibly displace Palestinians from their lands.

He underscored that such Israeli actions in Gaza constitute a blatant breach of international law and humanitarian law, contravening Israel’s obligations as an occupying power under Article 49 of the Geneva Conventions.

Abu Zeid urged Israel to cease the bombardment and targeting of Palestinian civilians immediately and to establish humanitarian conditions that render the Gaza Strip untenable for the safe and stable habitation of Palestinians.

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