Madinaty hosts ‘Forever Is Now’ exhibition

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Madinaty’s Open Air Mall is currently the venue for the “Forever Is Now 03” art exhibition, the third installment of the international series organized by “Art D’Égypte”. 

This event, held in the iconic Pyramids Plateau, features a diverse array of artistic creations from painters, sculptors, and contemporary artists from around the globe, all merging historical themes with modern expression. The exhibition’s goal is to highlight Egypt’s unique appeal as a cultural and touristic hub.

Running from 2 to 9 December, the exhibition is overseen by the Ministries of Tourism, Antiquities, and Foreign Affairs, along with the Egyptian National Organization for UNESCO.

The Talaat Moustafa Group, the exhibition’s sponsor, is dedicated to establishing Madinaty as a cultural and artistic epicenter in East Cairo. The group’s commitment is evident in its continuous efforts to host and organize events that foster artistic exchange and creativity.

Madinaty has a rich history of cultural engagement, having hosted five international sculpture symposiums featuring esteemed sculptors from across the world, positioning it as a pivotal creative platform in Egypt. These events play a crucial role in nurturing the artistic talents of the youth. Moreover, Madinaty has been the site of a book fair, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian Book Authority, aimed at encouraging reading among its inhabitants.

In addition, Madinaty consistently organizes cultural seminars, aligning with the Talaat Moustafa Group’s vision of promoting art and culture. These initiatives are designed to shape the cultural identity of upcoming generations, enhance awareness, foster innovation, and improve the overall quality of life, thereby contributing to sustainable development and community advancement within the city.

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