IT ZAIN presents its latest technology export methods in Cairo ICT

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IT ZAIN, a technology solutions company, showcased its latest methods of exporting technology abroad through its expertise in the global Odoo system, which covers various regions from the Arabian Gulf to North Africa.

The company demonstrated its Odoo ERP system solutions for different companies and institutions, covering the aspects of gap analysis, customer requirements, and technical solutions. The company also explained its services of training employees to use the software, as well as providing maintenance and after-sales technical support, including backup and server management.

Ahmed Omar, the CEO of IT ZAIN in Egypt, said that the information technology sector is a vital partner in the development of the national economy. He added that Egypt has a human capital of young people specialized in the software industry, who can increase technology exports and capture 10% of the global market size of the software industry by 2025, which is estimated at $500bn. He stressed the need to develop the skills of young people, especially in terms of work ethics and time management, to keep up with the progress of this promising industry.

According to Omar, the latest studies show that Egypt ranks 12th in the world in the field of cross-border service provision, while Jordan ranks 14th and Tunisia ranks 28th. He emphasized that Egypt is moving steadily towards implementing its strategy of sustainability and digital transformation by 2030.

Omar also said that IT ZAIN is keen on fostering professional cooperation among its employees and encouraging them to continuously develop and follow the latest global trends. The company is also creating an effective work environment that can produce a large number of qualified personnel who can export technological and digital products abroad.

Omar pointed out that IT ZAIN innovates administrative accounting software systems, in addition to Odoo systems, for business management, designed by Egyptian cadres specifically to meet the needs of companies based on their work mechanisms.

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