Armenia, Egypt discuss healthcare cooperation

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Lena Nanushyan, Deputy Minister of Health in the Republic of Armenia, met with Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, at the Global Population, Health, and Development Conference (PHDC’23) in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt.

The two officials discussed prospects for expanding healthcare cooperation between their countries, including the possibility of implementing exchange programs in the field of healthcare, such as pharmacy, infectious disease control, medical staff training, accreditation, and licensing. They also expressed interest in exchanging information and expertise in the process of implementing a comprehensive health insurance system in both countries.

Nanushyan also delivered a speech in a panel discussion titled “Good Governance for Healthy Populations” on September 6. She visited a government hospital equipped with the latest technologies in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt.

The PHDC’23 brought together policymakers, experts, and representatives from various countries to discuss pressing issues related to population, health, and development. The conference served as a platform for exchanging knowledge, sharing best practices, and exploring opportunities for collaboration in the healthcare sector.

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