DNE Awards honours Ora Developers Egypt as ‘most influential company in innovating real estate products”

Daily News Egypt
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Daily News Egypt honoured Haitham Abdel Azim, CEO of Ora Developers Egypt, as “The most influential company in innovating new real estate products” for its efforts in innovating and developing unique properties in Egypt.

Ora Developers Egypt has a proven track record of developing exclusive property projects that balance exceptional modern thinking with timeless designs in several markets such as Greece, Cyprus, Grenada, Pakistan, and Egypt.

Ora Developers Egypt projects are distinguished by the vibrant atmosphere that provides the pleasure of urban life to a modern society that provides opportunity for all clients and offers a wide range of enjoyable lifestyle experiences.

Since entering the Egyptian market in 2018, Ora became the first company to offer the experience of living next to the park, accompanied by a unique vision to show the beauty of the Egyptian nature and a management capable of achieving the development process from planning phase to construction process.

Ora Developers Egypt is developing a group of residential, commercial, sports and hospitality projects in east and west Cairo (ZED Sheikh Zayed, ZED East, Pyramids Hills), in addition to the SilverSands project in the North Coast.

The inaugural Daily News Egypt annual summit and DNE Awards were held on 15 March at St. Regis Cairo Hotel.

The summit and awards were held under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB).

The summit, titled “Leadership in Times of Crisis”, addressed the economic reform process in Egypt, and it shed light on the deals, ideas, and visions that have made a difference in all fields. Additionally, DNE Awards honoured the most influential people and firms in Egypt during 2022/23.

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