Egyptian president says fight against terrorism not less significant than October War victory

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Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi said on Saturday that Egypt’s fight against terrorism over the last decade is “not less significant” than the country’s victory in the October War 50 years ago.

Al-Sisi’s remarks came during an Iftar event with the chieftains of Sinai tribes and personnel in the Egyptian Second and Third Field Armies on the wake of the 50th anniversary of the victory in the 6th of October War in 1973, which coincided with the 10th of Ramadan in Islamic Hijri calendar.

The Egyptian President stressed that “what happened won’t be repeated or allowed.” He added that no one from inside or outside the country could carry a weapon in Sinai or elsewhere in Egypt.

Al-Sisi vowed that whoever take arms against the state would be fought fiercely, in reference to the terrorist groups that have been operating in Sinai earlier.

He stressed that Egypt will overcome the economic repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, whose impact has reached all countries of the world.

Al-Sisi added that Egypt has been keen to develop Sinai and eradicate terrorism over the past few years, despite economic challenges.

Earlier in the day, the Egyptian president inspected security checkpoints east of the Suez Canal.

During his inspection tour, the president spoke briefly with soldiers and officers from soldiers and officers in the East of Suez Canal Forces Command, who are tasked with combatting terrorism, as well as personnel in the Second and Third Field Armies.

“This victory was achieved for our beloved Egypt after its army and people united in a brilliant scene,” President Al-Sisi told the personnel.

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