Strong competition among singers in summer of 2023

Kadry Al-Haggar
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This year witnessed strong competition among singing stars in the Arab world, and many of them released a number of single songs, which achieved great success. However, many singers preferred to return to albums, especially since many of them had not released full albums for years.

The shortage of albums in recent years came as a result of the reluctance of production companies to release music albums due to its high cost and risks, many companies closed due to successive losses from failed albums. However, it seems that 2023 will witness the return of albums.

At the top of the list of those singers is Elissa who decided to release her new album this year, but has not yet determined the date for its release. Alyssa postponed the release of the new album from last year due to production conditions, but she promised her fans that the album will be released this year. She chose the name of the album, which is “Aana Wa Bas” (One and Only). This song Elissa had released a few months ago as a single, and she preferred that this song be the title of her new album. Elissa collaborated on this album with a large number of poets, composers, and distributors, and this album will be her own production for the first time. The album “Sahpet Rai” (opinionative) was the last album that Elisa released to the public, which was released in 2020, that is, three years ago, and achieved great success.

Iraqi star Kazem Al-Saher promised his fans to release his new album this year, after contracting with a private company. The “Caesar” will sing nine poems in the album, although he recorded a large number of songs, exceeding fifteen. Al-Saher collaborated with distributor Michel Fadel on all the album’s songs, and so far Al-Saher has not chosen the song that will be the head of the album. The last album released by Al-Saher was in 2016 and was titled “Kitab Al-Hope” (The Love Book).

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha will compete in the singing competition as well, and she decided to release her album this year, which she called the “Golden Album”. The last album released by Carole Samaha was in 2016, titled “My Memories” (Zikryati), and after that, she only released several singles until she decided to return to albums. She is now in the final stage of preparing the album.

Egyptian star Mohamed Fouad had a good artistic period this year after his long absence, due to some special circumstances that he refused to talk about. He confirmed that he is preparing to release his new album as soon as possible. Fouad indicated that during his absence, he recorded the largest number of songs, as he recorded nearly 70 songs. He is scheduled to release a large number of them as part of a new album after a long absence, as his last album was released in 2014, which was titled “Mihtar” (Confused).

Among the albums that are scheduled to be released soon is the new album of Ramy Sabry, which is titled “Maaya Htebdaa” (With Me You Will Be Creative). Ramy returns with this album after an absence of three years. Ramy Sabry’s new album will include 8 songs, including (Maaya Htebdaa), (Youmken Khair) “May Be Good”, (Lima Bewhishni) “When I Miss You”, and (I fell in love) “Habitak”. Ramy Sabry has already started to release the songs of his new album, one after the other, at close times since the beginning of this year.

Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni is currently recording the songs of his new album, which is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023, and his name has not yet been determined, especially since the album includes more than one surprise, according to him. Hosni also cooperates with many poets and composers, and the album also contains songs composed by him and his words.

Veteran singer Khaled Ajaj is also preparing to release his new album, and he is currently putting the finishing touches to it, after he stopped releasing lyrical albums for nearly ten years, and he was content with releasing solo songs from time to time. Through the new album, Ajaj is collaborating with distributor Osama Abdel-Adi, and a number of poets and composers. Khaled Ajaj said that his return will be new, different and strong, not only in the quality of songs and music, but in the way of marketing, because he is well aware that the world has changed and the form of music and singing has also changed, and that he will focus a lot on electronic marketing and social media. He added that there is a private company that sponsors and organizes his pages on social networking sites, and there is a team to respond to all the public and followers in cooperation with him to find out everything they want during the coming period.

Ajaj decided to release a single song that will be immediately before the release of the album. It is written by the poet Mahmoud Shawky, and composed by Rana Tariq.  The last album that Ajaj put on the market was at the end of 2010, titled “Bint Al-Hatta” (Our Beautiful Neighbor), but the album did not take its share of the spread due to the outbreak of January 25 and the events that followed.

Iraqi singer Majed Al-Mohandes, he is preparing to release his new album, titled “Badit Atayeb” (I Recovered), through the famous YouTube video site and a number of famous music platforms. The latest lyrical releases of “Majid Al-Mohandes” were through the song “What You Wished for” (Eli Etmaninouh), which recorded more than two million views, over the past two months.

Egyptian star Mohamed Hamaki, he is currently preparing for the new album, as he finished recording some of his songs, and the rest of the album is scheduled to be completed during the coming period. Hamaki recently announced the start of preparations for his next album, saying: “We started working on the new album, and it is supposed to be released next summer.” He said that last summer he released two singles (Adrenaline) and (My Heart Loves You Very) (Kalbi Hibak is good), and achieved great success. But the album will be released in the summer of 2023, which will include 10 to 12 songs, and the title of the album has not yet been determined.

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