Egyptians can handle any challenge, we will never abandon Egypt in this difficult time: Al-Sisi

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi stressed the importance of the role of all associations and entities working in the framework of charitable work that provide assistance in areas that the government alone cannot fulfil, praising the great and well-coordinated role of the National Alliance for Civil Development Action (NACDW).

In an intervention during the presentation of models of beneficiaries from the Economic Empowerment Initiative during the first conference of the NACDW on Monday, the president said that the Egyptians can handle any challenge and we will never abandon Egypt in this difficult time.  

He also noted that the Egyptian government is ready to cooperate with NACDW in the agriculture sector. “All initiatives are appreciated and supported, but agriculture is the most important sector.” 


Al-Sisi added that “civil society organisations fulfill a role that the government cannot play alone, as there are about 50 thousand association in Egypt, many of which are under the umbrella of the NACDW, and we want the rest of the entities to join it in order to provide greater assistance to society at the social, health and other levels,” he said, noting that the effort of the NACDW is clear in this context. 

The president expressed his thanks to the alliance, saying, “You are a role model for a large number of Egyptians. We also thank all contributors to supporting charitable work from inside and outside Egypt.”

Moreover, the president called on the NACDW and all civil society entities to intensify their efforts during 2023 due to the ongoing global economic conditions, pointing out that the alliance made great efforts during 2022 and that the current crisis continues and has repercussions that may extend to the current year, and we need to redouble efforts in order to face the implications of this, and the NACDW must work with double zeal and effort.


Al-Sisi also praised the alliance’s announcement of providing EGP 14bn for the fields of charitable work, calling on the state-run Tahya Misr Fund to contribute to this framework, raising this amount, and the government must also make greater efforts in this direction.



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