Egypt’s Irrigation Minister reviews drainage projects nationwide

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hani Sewilam received a report from the Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Drainage Projects, Mohamed Salih, to review the position of drainage projects nationwide.

Sewilam stated that the Drainage Authority carries out periodic cleansing and weeding of open public drains at lengths of about 22,000 km for 4,444 drains to preserve the water sector of the drains. to 10 million cubic meters annually.

Concerning covered drainage projects, Sewilam announced the implementation of covered drainage networks for 6 million feddan in Lower and Upper Egypt, in addition to the replacement and renewal of the drainage network in the areas where the network’s lifespan has ended. 

The authority’s strategy aims to establish agricultural drainage networks in all the old lands according to the studies that are carried out in this regard as well. It also aims to replace and renew the drainage networks in the areas that have expired.

Sewilam referred to the benefits of implementing covered agricultural drainage projects, represented in draining excess water from the plant and soil needs to prevent an increase in the amount of water in the surface layer of the soil and thus negatively affecting the plant.

Furthermore, it increases the agricultural area and increases the income of farms as a result of the high productivity of the land and the increase in soil fertility.

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