Egypt has 1356 therapeutic tourism sites nationwide: Amr Sedky 

Nehal Samir
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Egypt has several destinations designated for therapeutic and medical tourism, amounting to 1356 sites nationwide, Amr Sedky, former head of the parliamentary Tourism and Aviation Committee told Daily News Egypt.

However, these sites lack the required infrastructure around them, except in some places, such as eco-hotels in the Siwa, Kharga and Dakhla oases, and there are also some medical hotels in Safaga. 

He added that what is meant by medical hotels is not those hotels in which there are health clubs.

“Many people confuse the concepts of medical tourism because the presence of a health club inside the hotel is for entertainment and not for hospitalization.” 

As for medical hotels and places, they have different characteristics. They are called health resorts and are classified according to the purpose for which they were established, such as being established to recover from chest diseases, stomach diseases, skin diseases, or other diseases, so that their design is appropriate to the type of hospitalization that will be provided.

He affirmed the keenness of the state and President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to organize the work of health and medical tourism to utilize Egypt’s capabilities and enormous potential in this field.

“This is important as Egypt enjoys a lot of health tourism potentials in various governorates that can generate large returns.”

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