Egypt celebrates 119th anniversary of Manial Palace Museum

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Prince Muhammad Ali Palace Museum in Manial has launched a one-month archaeological exhibition, in celebration of the palace’s 119th anniversary.

The celebration was implemented under the title “Archaeological Ports and Seizures of the Alawite Dynasty,”in cooperation with the General Department of Archaeological Ports at the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Moamen Othman, Head of the Museums Sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the exhibition includes about 70 various artefacts that were seized by the Central Administration of Ports and Archaeological Units in Egyptian Ports, the most prominent of which is a silver jug of Princess Tawheedah, daughter of Khedive Ismail, decorated with floral and geometric motifs, and a table with a pictorial view. It is surrounded by a golden metal frame decorated with prominent floral motifs extending along the legs, a bust of King Fuad I of white marble, and the cradle of King Farouk, made of gilded wood and decorated with geometric and floral motifs, on both sides of which is a monogram of King Farouk surmounted by the royal crown.

Amal Siddiq, Director General of the Museum, said that on the sidelines of the exhibition, a lecture will be organized on Prince Muhammad Ali given by Muhammad al-Bardini, Director of the Museum, in addition to organizing a number of guided tours and educational and specialized workshops for people of determination to introduce the museum and its holdings.


The residence halls were the first part that was constructed in the palace, and was followed by the reception halls, the clock tower, the sabil, the mosque, the hunting museum, the residence halls, the throne chamber, the private museum, the golden garden, and the wonderful garden surrounding the palace, which is characterized by many unique plants and trees. The construction works continued until 1943.


The palace has a unique architectural design, as it was built in several Islamic styles, so it is considered an artistic school that includes the elements of Islamic arts and architecture, and it is located in a beautiful spot on the eastern branch of the Nile on the island of Manial al-Rawdah.


It is distinguished by its diverse and distinctive decorations from different historical eras, as it contains about 38 ceilings of various motifs, colors, and materials, in addition to the rare antiques and precious collectibles that the palaces contain.


Prince Muhammad Ali is the son of Khedive Tawfiq, and the brother of Khedive Abbas Helmy II. He was crown prince after his brother and was regent for the throne after the death of his uncle, King Fuad I in 1936 AD. He was also appointed as the crown prince of King Farouk until 1951 AD. He had a wide culture, and was famous for his love of Islamic arts and his fondness for collecting antiques and antiquities, and he was a lover of art in all its forms, especially Islamic ones, and one of his most famous hobbies was breeding Arabian horses with ancient Arab lineages, and he recommended that the palace be transformed after his death into a museum bearing his name.


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