Institute of Diplomatic Studies organises training course in capacity building for African diplomats

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

The Institute of Diplomatic Studies recently organised and hosted a two-week training course in the field of capacity-building for diplomats from English-speaking African countries as part of the annual cooperation programmes offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This course is based on Egypt’s historical relations and long-standing ties of friendship with brotherly African countries.

The session was opened by Sherif Issa, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, and Walid Hajjaj, Director of the Institute of Diplomatic Studies.

The course — which was organised by the institute in cooperation and coordination with the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development — was also attended by 19 African diplomats from the foreign ministries of 13 countries, namely Sudan, South Sudan, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Namibia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

The main themes of the course addressed a range of current and priority political, economic, and development issues in African diplomacy.

It also included a series of practical trainings aiming to develop skills and build the diplomatic capabilities of participants in the fields of international law, organising international conferences, protocol, negotiation, crisis management, and communication with the media.

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