Emirates NBD Egypt Launches New Campaign to Boost Investments

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Emirates NBD – Egypt launches a new campaign for immediate cash-back up to EGP 50k, earned when applying for a certificate of deposit with minimum amount of EGP 1 million. And that is according to the amounts specified below:

  • From EGP 1 million up to 3 million, the client will get EGP 10k as instant cash-back
  • From EGP 3 million up to 5 million, the client will get EGP 25k as instant cash-back
  • From EGP 5 million and above, the client will get EGP 50k as instant cash-back

The campaign also offers clients immediate cash-back with the amount of EGP 10k when depositing EGP 1 million as a minimum balance required, provided that this amount shall be deposited in any current account, tiered current plus account, or tiered saving account with Egyptian Pound only. The deposit must also take place during the time of the campaign, which started on the 31st of August and valid for a limited time.

The bank will place a lien on the amount deposited (EGP) 1 million for 4 consecutive months from the date of receiving the cash-back, knowing that the bank has the right to withdraw the cash-back from the account in case the bank found that the amount which qualified the client to join the campaign is not available during the mentioned period.

In case the client wishes to deposit the amount into three different accounts (current account, tiered current plus account and tiered saving account) the sum of the amount deposited must not be less than EGP 1 million.

Mohamed Berro, CEO of Emirates NBD – Egypt, said: “We are committed to launch this campaign to incentivize current and new customers to get higher return on their savings; and thus we were adamant to make available services like immediate cash back for new and current clients who own current or saving accounts. We predict that the campaign will increase the number of beneficiaries from the cash back service, bolster purchasing transactions using credit cards and current accounts, which all fall in line with the Egyptian state’s financial inclusion and digital transformation strategies.”

It’s worth mentioning that Emirates NBD – Egypt has launched several campaigns to maximize savings of their current and new clients over the years.

For more information: https://www.emiratesnbd.com.eg/egypt-en/campaign/invest-and-get-an-instant-cash-back/?etm_action=hw-featured

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