‏Dolato Mango Mania presents 3 varieties of Ismaili mangoes this summer

Daily News Egypt
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Dolato decided to take you on a fun journey into the world of Ismaili mangoes this summer. Dolato Mango Mania’s concept is to indulge into the delicious world of mangoes, as a form of Italian gelato.

Dolato has been boasting high-quality gelato over the past two years.

Dolato offers the public something unusual in the gelato market, 3 types of authentic Ismaili mangoes, which are Fass, Timor and Owais.

This comes during the best times of harvest and full growth of the Ismaili mango. The best season for harvesting the Ismaili mango is from the last half of July to the end of the first half of August.

Dolato chose this time to announce the presentation of their products is After being fully assured of the quality of the mangoes harvested from the trees of their farms dedicated to mango cultivation in Ismailia, to provide the best quality of mango gelato in the summer.

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