I hope Lebanon recovers soon: Nawal El-Zoghbi

Kadry Al-Haggar
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Nawal El-Zoghbi has a long artistic career and was able to maintain her success in singing through successive generations. She made an artistic imprint, a distinguished presence, and great popularity that does not decrease, but rather increases every year.

Daily News Egypt interviewed the Lebanese singer to learn about her future plans and know her better.

 Are you preparing to release a new song in the Egyptian dialect in the coming days?


I’m still putting the final touches to the new song. The song was written by Ahmed Raoul, and composed by Ahmed Nadim, and it was shot by director Fadi Haddad. The song is in the Egyptian dialect, and I intend to release it by the end of this month.


Knowing that you love everything new, how will you appear in the new clip?

I prefer to surprise the audience because in all my artworks I make sure to appear in a new and surprising outfit and theme. I like this style because it is suspenseful, and in the end, I like to present work that resembles me, as some songs are based on the stories that we live and people live with, and others are based on dance performances.


I feel that I have a great positive energy that I will explode in my upcoming songs, so I dedicate all my time to work and make a double effort to choose and present songs that suit me and my audience. Art brings people of all ages and shades together in an enjoyable civilized manner. The important thing is to present the work with love, and here the result will be full of joy in an elegant style.


Some say that those who are busy with work all the time, inevitably live in an emotional void?

This is not true, as some have a plan to achieve a specific goal, and this is what I did. In addition, sports give me strength and positive energy that makes me happy.


When you choose new songs, do you sense which one will achieve the greatest success?

Every song I choose, I feel that it will achieve great success because I choose it with my sense and mind, and I believe that my experience, my artistic career, and all these years I spent in the art world, give me the ability to choose the best constantly. What confirms this is that my songs are always about new topics that are different from all presented before, and are close to people, and the issues they face.


In your opinion, does the successful song have special characteristics?

Of course, it has specifications, and here the artist’s experience plays the biggest role in crystallizing the form of the work and the way it is presented to the public. This case enters the artist in a stage of artistic transformation, and through it, he can present works of art of greater quality. This experience that I am talking about comes because of the success that has been achieved, that success that was driven by ambition and the ability to excel.


As we go through exceptional circumstances, what advice do you give to your fans?

I always say to my beloved audience, whenever I meet them: “Take from life the thing that makes you happy and strengthens you, and accept what God has fated for you.”



Recently, we noticed your remarkable activity on social networks, why?

Indeed, about two years ago, I began to have a strong and noticeable presence on social networking sites, as I discovered with time that everything in this world is changing and therefore we must keep pace with development and modernity and adapt to it in a way that serves us and is in our favor, and frankly, I feel today very happy through my rapid and permanent communication with the audience.


Do you have friendships in the artistic community?

Of course, there are solid friendships that bring together artists in the artistic community. For me, I have a wonderful relationship with many artists. As you know, the honourable competition between male and female singers means presenting strong songs, and this gives the Arabic song strength.

 But there may be jealousy between artists. Do you agree with this opinion?

I do not agree, because I have a good relationship with many artists, so there is no jealousy between us. For example, Najwa Karam attends my concerts and I do the same. The same thing happens with Nancy Ajram and Elissa, and I love them all. Each of them has confidence in herself. Of course, there are friendships in the artistic community; But not the best of friends, as until today I have not had the best of friends.


But interests can interfere in this relationship, what do you think?

There is no interest in the friendships of artists because life is easy. Believe me, I cherish all my friendships in the artistic community with artists, and I do not want to mention and specify names so as not to forget anyone.


What have the difficult situations in your life taught you?

She taught me to be an “ironwoman”, taught me to be strong and always bet on my superiority, I try to make myself happy … because I love joy and spread positive energy to those around me, so I love meeting optimistic people.


Why do you always postpone your acting debut?

Because I always look for what fascinates me. I do not mind going through the acting experience, but on the condition that it is a huge artwork that adds strength to my long artistic career.


Your artistic life is witnessing a major transformation phase, what are the reasons for this change?

Every artist goes through both good and difficult times in his life, and I, like any oriental woman who went through family difficulties, kept me a little bit away from work, but when the problems ended, I felt that inside me was a reservoir of giving, ambition, and success.


Your previous album “Keda Bay” was distinguished by the diversity of musical colours, are you keen on diversity in your new album?

Of course, I am always keen on having a variety of songs in every album I present since the beginning of my singing career, and in the next album, you will find more diversity than what I presented before. Of course, I love change and difference, whether at the level of topics or the level of rhythmic songs. I choose the song that I like, and there is no doubt that I heard a large number of songs until I chose 10 of them, in the end, I chose the best in terms of songs, and the audience appreciates excellence and loves good work.


You have many romantic songs, when do you fall in love?

Everything is destined, and the matter needs to slow down and not rush. After entering more than one experience, it becomes more difficult to choose and trust. I am an emotional person and I have my requirements for my dream catcher. I admit that I have not lived true love until today, and I haven’t found someone who understands me and is close to me, but like what I mentioned to you in the beginning everything is destined, and all my focus today is on my work and I am happy with my life and with my relatives and friends around me.


Do you fear the future?

I’m not afraid of the future, and I’m still young and I work a lot, but I’m thinking about tomorrow from a different aspect, will I live good days? Will I be healthy? After all, the business I have established, and the money I have raised, will be my future support, but I have no guarantee of health and happiness.


Do you mind criticism?

I am an outspoken woman. I love people, but I do not like hatred.


What is your current wish?

I hope Lebanon recovers soon, and enjoys stability as we used to before. On a personal level, I hope that God may protect my family and children, and give us strength. For me, this is the most important blessing we can get. Professionally, I hope to reap the fruits of the effort that I and the staff have exerted during the previous period.

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