Egypt, France discuss cooperation in environmental issues ahead of COP27 

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad, the Ministerial Coordinator and Envoy of the COP27 Climate Conference, met Wednesday with Stephane Crozat, the Ambassador of the Environment in France, who is in charge of negotiating on climate change. 


The meeting aimed to discuss Egypt’s preparations to host the COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, and the joint cooperation between the two sides. Marc Baretti, the Ambassador of France in Cairo, attended the meeting.


During the meeting, Yasmine praised the permanent cooperation between the Egyptian and French sides in several development fields, and expressed her aspiration for more joint cooperation during Egypt’s presidency of the COP27. 

She stressed the importance of continuing cooperation to advance the climate action agenda and implement what was agreed upon in the Paris Agreement, as well as linking the topics of climate change and biodiversity, especially in light of the France Summit on biodiversity and oceans, which was held early this year and in the framework of the recommendations of the United Nations General Assembly 5 UNEA last February and the Ocean Conference to be held in Portugal in June. 

The Minister of Environment affirmed Egypt’s keenness to build on the successes achieved from the outcomes of the Glasgow Conference and the progress achieved in the negotiation tracks, noting that COP27 will also be an executive conference to reach actual measures for the Paris Agreement.

Moreover, Yasmine explained that many initiatives will be launched in order to serve the objectives of the COP27, noting that part of the initiatives that we seek to launch is linking the impact of waste, especially plastic waste, on climate change and discussing the possibility of introducing modern technology in the private sector to reduce greenhouse gases.

The minister stressed the need to provide green solutions in terms of technology provision and transfer, adding that experiences, success stories and best practices around the world in addressing the effects of climate change at all levels and political reforms in the use of renewable energy will be presented. 

The French official expressed his country’s aspiration to cooperate with Egypt during the COP27, and the importance of cooperation through a number of areas such as mitigation, adaptation, climate financing, issues of biodiversity conservation and preserving the marine environment from plastic pollution.


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