Cairo follows conditions of Egyptian community, students in Ukraine

Bassant Mohammed
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Egypt’s Minister of State for Emigration and Expatriates’ Affairs, Nabila Makram, followed on Saturday the conditions of the Egyptian community and students in Ukraine in light of developments in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

Makram directed all Egyptians in Ukraine not to believe unreliable news and to follow only the data issued by Egyptian government agencies and the Egyptian embassy in Kyiv.

The minister also directed Egyptians in Ukraine to remain where they are and not to leave, especially in the areas in the east and south that are witnessing military clashes.

She said that Egyptians who are able to leave towards the countries of Romania and Poland should inform the Egyptian embassy in Kyiv first and then inform the Egyptian embassy in whichever country they are heading to.

Regarding the inquiries of a number of students about their academic studies, Makram stressed the safety of Egyptians comes first, asserting that the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education will study Egyptian students’ situation and take the necessary measures to help them complete their education.

The minister also thanked Ali Farouk, the head of the Egyptian community in Ukraine; and Khaled Mohamed, the Representative of the Ministry’s Centre for Dialogue for Young People Studying in Ukraine for their efforts during the past few days, their permanent communication with various Egyptians there, and fulfilling the needs of the community in Ukraine.

Earlier on Saturday, the Egyptian Embassy in Kyiv asserted that the military clashes do not allow movement from cities, confirming that the roads are not safe.

The embassy called upon Egyptian citizens in Ukraine to abide by the embassy’s instructions and not try to escape from Ukraine, especially those residing in the cities of Kharkiv, Kherson, and Dnipro.

Last Thursday, Egyptian students raised their voice on social media platforms calling for help from the Egyptian government after Russia started calling airstrikes on Ukrainian cities and military bases and sending in troops.

Egyptian students also appealed to the Egyptian government to expedite the evacuation from Ukraine.

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