Egypt expresses condolences to Morocco over death of child who fell in well

Bassant Mohammed
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Egypt expressed on Sunday its sincere condolences to Morocco over the death of the child Rayan, who passed away on Saturday despite the tireless efforts of Moroccan authorities to rescue him.

Egypt affirmed its full support for Morocco in this painful incident, which has reflected global human solidarity over the past days, according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Five-year-old Rayan fell into a dry well inthe village of Ighran in Morocco’s northern Chefchaouen province last Tuesday. The boy’s parents heard his voice and spotted him down the well with the help of a flashlight. Unable to descend into the well themselves, emergency workers were deployed, and bulldozers began digging to rescue the trapped child.

For four days, emergency services worked to rescue Rayan from the well. The dramatic race to save the boy drew the attention of the entire country and anxious observers from across the globe.

In the beginning, rescue workers tried to dig into the 100-foot well where Rayan had fallen in order to rescue the boy, however, fearing the walls would collapse, they switched strategies.

They then bulldozed a trench next to the well, where they tunneled horizontally towards the bottom of the well, shifting course when they hit a barrier of solid rock.

Unfortunately, rescuers were able to pull the boy out of the well, only to announce his death later.

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