Egypt’s Environment Ministry provides 5000 fruit trees to Fayoum within “Decent Life” initiative

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad, reviewed on Saturday, the latest developments of the ministry’s participation in President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s “Decent Life” initiative in Fayoum. The ministry implemented afforestation campaigns and provided the governorate with 5052 fruit trees.

The ministry’s activities included raising environmental awareness for citizens, job opportunities in the field of waste management, and raising the efficiency of the hygiene system.

Fouad stated that 24 awareness and training activities were carried out on reuse, recycling and rooftop cultivation in two districts and 20 villages in the Fayoum governorate. These activities aim to raise environmental awareness for citizens, especially youth and children.

Concerning raising the efficiency of the cleaning system, the minister added that her ministry aims to provide job opportunities for citizens in the field of integrated waste management, establish intermediate waste collection stations, and provide prevention missions for workers in the field of waste. 

Additionally, the ministry aims to establish biogas units to generate energy from agricultural and animal waste to provide a sustainable and safe source of energy for domestic consumption and organic fertiliser, to achieve the environmental, economic and social dimensions that achieve the desired sustainable development.

Moreover, a delegation from the Ministry of Environment toured the Etsa district to inspect the ministry’s participation in the “Decent Life” projects, where they visited several schools and implemented several interactive environmental awareness activities for students.

The delegation also inspected the compost project in the local unit in Jerdo and how to economically benefit from the returns of agricultural and organic waste recycling products.

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