Luxor Museum hosts temporary exhibition on Egyptian military throughout ages

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The ministry and the Tourism Activation Authority (TAA) also seek promoting tourism to Luxor and Aswan. (AFP Photo)

Egypt inaugurated, on Thursday, a temporary archaeological exhibition on “The Egyptian Military throughout the Ages”, which will take place at Luxor Museum.

The opening was attended by a number of archaeological missions working in Egypt’s western Al-Asasif region, and the directors of archaeological areas in Luxor governorate.

Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that 50 artefacts are on display at the month-long exhibition, taken from the museum’s holdings.

These depict military life in Egypt since prehistoric times through the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, the Greco-Roman era, and the Islamic era, as well as the modern state. 

Waziri said, “These pieces range from knives, arrows, and quivers with wood arrows, water bladders, swords from the Islamic era, drums that were used before the wars, a group of pottery bombs containing gunpowder remnants dating back to the Islamic era, and a coloured wooden shield dating back to the era of the modern state.” according to Waziri. 

He stressed that the exhibition has already won the admiration of foreign and Egyptian visitors.

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