Egypt keeps Rafah crossing open for 11th day to allow humanitarian aid

Sarah El-Sheikh
2 Min Read
The Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip will be opened for three days starting next Saturday in both directions (AFP File Photo)

The Egyptian authorities are continuing to keep the Rafah land crossing open on an exceptional basis for the eleventh consecutive day.

The open border crossing is to allow for those stranded, sick, as well as humanitarian cases, to pass from the Gaza Strip.

By keeping the crossing open, Egypt is also receiving those wounded and injured coming from the Gaza Strip, whilst allowing for humanitarian aid to be brought into the Palestinian territory.

The border point was opened on both sides to allow for stranded Palestinians, Arabs, and foreigners on both sides to cross.

All administrative teams are present to facilitate the crossing of stranded and humanitarian cases, in addition to the presence of medical teams to facilitate the entry of the wounded and injured and their companions.

A number of ambulances have been prepared to transport these cases, after classifying their health status, in preparation to distribute them to Egyptian hospitals for treatment.

There are also complete preparations to receive any number of the wounded and injured, and transport them for treatment.

The Egyptian authorities have also indicated that they will continue to operate on Thursday, to allow crossings from both sides. 

This is provided that it will take place on an exceptional basis in accordance with developments in the situation and with the approval of the relevant authorities. 

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