Egypt allocates $500m to Gaza reconstruction, calls for Palestine-Israel ceasefire

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has met with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and King Abdullah II of Jordan in a tripartite summit in the French capital, Paris, aimed at reaching a ceasefire between Palestine and Israel.

The summit comes after nine days of Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories, and reviews the developments in the Palestinian issue, as well as ways to revive the peace process. 

Egypt and Jordan have pushed for an end, as soon as possible, to the acts of violence, and for a comprehensive solution to be reached that guarantees the rights of the Palestinian people. 

The two Arab countries confirmed the importance of reaching a political solution that would guarantee the establishment of an independent, sovereign, and viable Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. 

During the summit, Egypt announced that it would allocate $500m to the reconstruction process in Gaza, with the participation of specialised Egyptian companies.

President Al-Sisi said that Egypt will continue to do its utmost to stop the current mutual escalation in the Palestinian territories, by intensifying contacts with all concerned international parties. 

He asserted Egypt’s support for all international efforts aimed at ending the current state of tension and restoring stability, whilst limiting the bloodshed, and human and material losses. 

Al-Sisi said, “There is no way to end the vicious circle of chronic violence and the flare-up of the situation in the Palestinian territories, but by finding a radical solution to the issue that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state within which the Palestinian people can live and enjoy the full legitimate rights of all peoples of the world.”

The President also stressed the seriousness of attempts to change the demographic situation in the city of Jerusalem, adding these attempts should stop immediately.

The leaders of the three countries agreed to concentrate their efforts and joint political endeavours to reach an end to the violence and military escalation in the Palestinian territories.

The summit also stressed the need for the international community to move effectively to stop the Israeli attacks, as well as putting an end to the aggression on the Palestinian territories. This would also see continued efforts to advance the peace process.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s National Training Academy announced that it is allocating five scholarships in the Executive Presidential Leadership Program for Palestinians, as well as training on leadership and management skills for 200 Palestinians. The allocations come according to President Al-Sisi’s directives. 

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