Egypt’s Cultural Development Fund begins Ramadan programme

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Cultural Development Fund has begun activities in its cultural and artistic programme that it organises during the holy month of Ramadan. 

During the many distinguished activities, all precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will be applied to ensure the safety of all participants and visitors.

The Qubbat Al-Ghoury Creativity Center on Cairo’s Al-Azhar Street will hold a performance entitled “Rituals of Sublimity”, on 18 April, by the Sama’a Troupe for Religious Chanting and Spiritual Music. The performance  includes poems by the most famous imams of Sufism.

The Indonesia Singing Troupe, the Acapella Troupe for Church Chants and the Sama’a Troupe for the Mawlawi Sufi dance, with the participation of the artist Hany Abdel Hay, will also participate in the concert.

Moreover, the Egyptian Architectural House, located in Beit Ali Labib in the Citadel Square, celebrates its inauguration on Sunday, which coincides with the celebrations of the World Heritage Day.

Beit Al-Suhaymi located in Al-Muizz Street in Islamic Cairo will also host weekly performances by the Nile Band for Folk Instruments at 21:00 on Sunday.

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