Egypt’s Health Ministry allocates special areas for COVID-19 vaccination

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed has announced preparing special places where the vaccine against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can be provided.

These areas will be able to handle a great number of citizens and workers in governmental agencies. 

During a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Zayed said that the allocated grounds have the capacity for about 10,000 people per day. 

The Minister confirmed that the areas will include a large waiting area for citizens on an area of ​​1,500 sqm, adding that about 75 triple clinics are equipped to receive citizens. She also said that each clinic includes a data entry point and a medical team. 

Zayed asserted that the increasing number of COVID-19 infections requires citizens to remain committed to applying precautionary measures, especially wearing face masks. 

She indicated that her ministry had equipped about 193 centres for citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The minister pointed out that the working hours of vaccination centres across the country have been extended to 10 pm during the holy month of Ramadan. 

She asserted that Egypt is working to apply all the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), as part of several presidential initiatives, namely: A Decent Life; Takaful and Karama; expanding integration hospitals; the women’s health initiative; and the 100 Million Health initiative for chronic diseases. 

It also comes as part of Egypt’s effort to establish a comprehensive health insurance system, and providing medical aid to neighbouring countries.

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