Germany ready to help end Suez Canal crisis at Egypt request: Ambassador Nunn

Daily News Egypt
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Germany’s Ambassador to Egypt Cyrill Nunn has said that his country is ready to participate in ending the crisis in the Suez Canal upon Egypt’s request.

Nunn also said that about 20% of German exports and imports are transported through the Suez Canal.

As a result, Germany has a great interest in ensuring the massive container ship which is currently stuck in the canal, the Ever Given, is re-floated and put back on track.

In a press conference held on Sunday, Nunn added that solving this problem needs strong technical support from all countries, especially those in the European Union (EU). He noted that Germany will not hesitate for a moment to provide support if Egypt asks.

The Ever Given vessel ran aground at the Suez Canal’s 151 km mark last Tuesday, reportedly due to low visibility caused by a strong sandstorm and 40-knot winds. The huge vessel’s running aground has halted marine traffic in one of the world’s busiest shipping routes.

Salvage and re-floating operations remain ongoing, with bigger equipment expected to arrive to help dislodge the stranded ship.

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