683k Egyptian women medically examined under ‘100 Million Health’ initiative

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Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed announced, on Wednesday, that over 683,000 women have been examined as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s “100 Million Health” initiative.

The initiative, which was launched in March 2020, aims to take care of the health of Egyptian mothers and their unborn children.

It undertakes the early detection of diseases transmitted from mother to foetus, and provides free treatment and health care under the slogan “100 Million Health”. 

The initiative aims for the early detection of Hepatitis B virus, HIV, and syphilis infections among pregnant women, in addition to reducing maternal deaths resulting from these diseases, according to a statement from the Ministry. 

Furthermore, the initiative also includes follow-up on the condition of the mother and the newborn for a period of 42 days after birth. This aims to discover the risk factors for the mother or the newborn, and to take appropriate measures. 

The Ministry of Health and Population said that the initiative’s services are provided at all health units and medical centres, adding that the centres designated for HIV and Hepatitis B referrals have been reviewed. The best were selected according to quality standards to become 90 centres nationwide.

Additionally, 163 centres were selected to refer patients with syphilis nationwide, and cases with high blood sugar, or any other risk factors detected. These cases are to be transferred for complete evaluation and treatment in 303 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population.

Zayed said that work continues on all presidential initiatives under the “100 Million Health” slogan, while taking all preventive and precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

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