Softline Group chooses Egypt as regional center for digital transformation solutions

Daily News Egypt
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Softline, a global provider of digital solutions and services, has chosen Egypt to act as a regional center of its operations in the Middle East and Africa.

The move marks the global company’s return to the Egyptian market after its previous exit in 2011.

Evgeny Tkachenko, Vice President of International Business Development at Softline Group, said, “We made the decision to return to the Egyptian market during the current year, due to political and economic stability, which created an attractive environment for investment, and therefore we decided to return to Egypt through our branch in Cairo.”

He added, “The Egyptian government’s interest in encouraging digital transformation has contributed to doubling demand for advanced technological solutions, and as one of the major players in the world in this field. Consequently, we are ready to support various sectors during the coming period in building the technical structure for digital transformation, especially with regard to approved software and solutions. Cloud storage and other technologies that support digital transformation, based on Softline’s global experience in more than 55 countries, and we hope that Softline will be the ideal and reliable partner in the fields of digital transformation for our customers in the Middle East and Africa.”

Softline is one of the global leaders in the field of information technology, and it focuses on emerging markets to provide them with technical solutions and services, and to help customers keep pace with requirements of digital transformation through integrated software packages.

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