Second phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections sees 29.5% voter turnout

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Head of the National Elections Authority (NEA) Lasheen Ibrahim announced, on Monday, that the second phase of the House of Representatives elections has witnessed 29.5% voter turnout.

The electoral list led by pro-government Mostaqbal Watan Party has won the majority of votes in the second phase.

About 9.2 million people cast their ballots out of 31 million eligible voters in the second phase of elections. The number of valid votes in the individual system recorded 8,332,214 votes, while the number of invalid votes reached 956,952 votes. The number of valid votes in the party list system reached 7,730,456 votes, while the number of invalid votes stood at 1,585,710 votes.

This came during a press conference by the NEA at Maspero building, to announce the final results of the second phase.

Ibarhim said that the first round of the second phase of the parliament elections witnessed 2,083 candidates running for individual seats, after the death of two candidates.

This election phase was held at 9,468 sub-committees supervised by 1,200 judges.

The elections were monitored by 56 local and 14 international organisations, 3 national councils, 51 local media organisations, and 153 international institutions as observers.

Ibrahim said that the NEA received some complaints during election days, but none of them affected the voting process. He mentioned the only election violation in the second phase when a candidate hung his picture inside a polling station during the voting process. The incident was referred to the public prosecution.

He added that electoral campaigning for the run-offs started on 16 November until 2 December. He added that the NEA will receive appeals on election results on 17 November.

The run-off for the second phase of elections will be held on 21-23 November outside Egypt, while it will take place inside the country on 23-24 November.

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