Environment Ministry to launch green campaign in Ras Mohamed Protected Area 

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad announced, on Monday, that her ministry will launch the first promotional campaign, entitled “Eco Egypt”, on 25 September in the Ras Mohamed protected area of Sharm El-Sheikh. 

The campaign will take place in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Ministry of Information, and aims to raise environmental awareness and support ecotourism and natural reserves in Egypt.

Fouad said that the campaign comes as part of the Ministry of Environment’s strategy to develop protected areas across the country. In the past year, the ministry has improved the infrastructure and services provided to visitors at 13 reserves, and has seen visitor centres established at the reserves in Ras Mohamed and Fayoum.

It has also integrated the local communities in the reserves’ activities to develop them economically and socially by providing sustainable job opportunities. The average income of residents in the Fayoum and Wadi Al-Gemal reserves increased by between 126% and 460% in one year, the ministry added.

Fouad said that the campaign falls under the activities of the “Go green be civilised” presidential initiative, which raises environmental awareness, and provides a true model for sustainable development.

The campaign takes into account the environmental, economic, social and health dimensions of ecotourism by promoting it to revive the national economy, especially amid the novel coronavirus crisis (COVID-19).

This would be achieved through maximising the sustainable use of natural reserves, raising awareness on their importance and the importance of participating in their protection. It would also integrate the local community by providing training and developing the promotion of their cultural products.

The campaign will last for two years, and will target the promotion of Egypt’s eco-tourism through online platforms. A range of publications will also be created to showcase Egypt’s nature reserves wealth, including the landscapes, animals, birds and unique plant cover.

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