Ex-Brotherhood leader sent to life imprisonment for inciting against police

Daily News Egypt
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The Port Said Criminal Court sentenced former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 11 other defendants to life imprisonment, on Saturday, for their part in the Al-Arab Police Station case.

The other defendants include the Freedom and Justice Party’s Secretary-General Mohamed El-Beltagy, and preacher Safwat Hegazy.

The sentence was handed down during the retrial of Badie and 73 other defendants, on charges of inciting violence outside the Al-Arab Police Station in Port Said governorate. The event, which took place in August 2013, was dubbed in the media as the “Arab Police Station Case”.

The Court has also handed down sentences of three-year imprisonment to 57 defendants, and six-month imprisonment to three others in the same case.

In August 2015, Badie and 94 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Port Said Criminal Court, of whom 19 were sentenced in absentia, with a further 76 on the run as fugitives.

An additional 28 others were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the same trial, with a total of 68 defendants acquitted of the charges.

The defendants were accused of incitement to murder and forming an armed gang whose aim was to attack police officers at the Al-Arab police station. The events highlighted in the case took place as some stormed the Al-Arab Police Station, carrying firearms and tools intended to attack people, and disturb the public peace. They were tried for their crimes under the felony of premeditated murder against the policemen.

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