Egypt Post retires manual parcel collection, deposit fee in favour of digitisation

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
1 Min Read
Egypt Post

An official source at the Egypt Post has said that the manual parcels collection and deposit fees system has been cancelled and replaced by an electronic system.

All paperwork systems have also been abolished in favour of digitisation, as part of the authority’s plan to develop its services and work model.

The source explained that under the manual system, it would take up to 40 days for the parcel sender’s money to be deposited. The introduction of the electronic system now means that money will be deposited in the parcel sender’s account, or transferred, as soon as it is collected from the parcel receiver.

The step towards digitisation has been implemented to help Egypt’s post offices expand delivery and freight services. It is also set to allow Egypt’s national postal service provider compete with private delivery and freight companies, particularly through its extensive nationwide network of post offices.

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