Rameda starts manufacturing of generic Anviziram for COVID-19 treatment

Alyaa Stohy
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The Tenth of Ramadan for Pharmaceutical Industries and Diagnostic Reagents Company (Rameda) announced on Tuesday that it has started the manufacture of Anviziram.

The drug, which is the generic form of Japanese antiviral drug Avigan, contains the active pharmaceutical ingredient Favipiravir and will be used in the treatment of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Avigan was developed by the Toyama Chemical Company, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Fujifilm Holdings, and contains the active ingredient Favipiravir.

The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) has also granted approval for Rameda to begin manufacturing of intravenous Remedisivir vials, which is also used in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Avigan has been administered to patients with the coronavirus in clinical trials, as Favipiravir is believed to combat the virus by inhibiting viral reproduction. The trials indicate that the drug assists in stabilising viral reproduction four to six days from first use.

The Ministry of Health and Higher Education and Scientific Research have undertaken clinical trials to determine the efficacy of a range of possible treatments, including Favipiravir, on coronavirus patients.

Favipiravir has been used as experimental treatment for the virus and in clinical trials in China, Italy, Japan, and Russia. Russia’s Ministry of Health has approved a generic version of the drug for use in hospitals, making Russia the first country to permit such use of Favipiravir.

“Rameda is honoured to devote its capabilities and resources to serving the Egyptian people in this unique moment,” said Rameda CEO Dr Amr Morsy, “Rameda’s entire production of Favipiravir is being produced under the trade name Anviziram, with capacity focused on the Egyptian market.”

Morsy added that the company aims to export Anviziram to neighbouring countries upon approval from the Ministry of Health and the EDA.

In addition to Anviziram, the EDA has granted approval for Rameda to start manufacturing intravenous versions of Remedisvir, a broad-spectrum antiviral medication which has been used in coronavirus patient treatment. Rameda aims to commence production of Remdesivir in the coming period.

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