FRA regulates private equity funds’ practicing of specialised activities

Alyaa Stohy
1 Min Read
Mohamed Omran

The Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) has issued a decision regulating private equity funds’ practicing of specialised activities related to economic development.

These sectors cover the industrial and agricultural development and related marketing activities, as well as complementary products and services.

FRA Chairperson Mohamed Omran said the decision allows investment funds to engage in specialised activities through direct investment in setting up and operating productive and service projects. This would be in addition to investment in securities issued by productive and service projects that engage in specialised activities.

Omran said the decision allows also charitable investment funds to invest in productive and service projects. On the other hand, the decision provides new investment tools through subscription to investment securities issued by this type of investment fund.

In an FRA statement, Omran emphasised that the unprecedented step allows financial institutions, including charitable organisations, to invest their assets in investment projects related to development. The step also gives them the ability to list these projects on the Egyptian Exchange, to benefit from additional funding.

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