Al-Sisi, Conte discuss latest updates in Libyan crisis

Daily News Egypt
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has held discussions with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the latest updates to the Libyan crisis.

The discussions come immediately on the back of the recently announced Egyptian initiative, the “Cairo declaration”, that will see an end to the conflict in Libya. 

During a phone conversation on Sunday, Al-Sisi stressed Egypt’s steadfast position on the Libyan crisis. This is based on restoring Libya’s national institutions, clearing the country of militias and terrorist elements, and restoring stability in Libya. 

Al-Sisi also stressed the need to stop illegal foreign interference in Libya’s internal affairs, which have complicated the situation and threatened the security of the Mediterranean region.  

Conte expressed his desire to exchange points of view regarding the Libyan crisis, particularly as Egypt has a pivotal role in putting an end to the conflict.

He described the Egyptian initiative as coming “in accordance with related international efforts” to end the conflict in Libya”, according to a statement from the Egyptian presidency. 

Both Al-Sisi and Conte agreed to continue coordination on reaching a political solution for the Libyan crisis. They will also continue coordination on restoring security and stability through UN efforts and the Berlin Summit, as well as rejecting any foreign interference in Libya, the statement read. 

The conversation also addressed bilateral relations between Cairo and Rome, particularly in issues related to trade, energy, and military.

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