Supreme Council of Universities cancels second-semester exams 

Daily News Egypt
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The Supreme Council of Universities announced on Saturday that all students will continue their study via distance learning until the end of April. However, the council has cancelled the second semester’s oral and written exams for all students, excluding final year students whose exams will be postponed until further notice.

The distance learning programme will include students on the credit hours or points systems. Students working towards credit hours will be able to calculate the period needed to complete credit hours. 

Students can now either write a thesis in one of the topics studied as part of their degree course, or they can undertake electronic exams for the studied curriculum in this semester. Universities will also be able to set their own marking and evaluation frameworks for the theses submitted by students, with students passing or failing in either option available to them without receiving a certain grade. 

In case students fail the option they have chosen, they will be given another chance, with a second failure considered a fail of the subject. 

The practical training for students on practical or clinical programmes will take place after the end of the study suspension period, or at the beginning of the upcoming academic year.  

For final year students, each university has been given the power to decide the date of exams when studies resume. Students will also be given the time to prepare for the exams.

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