Egyptian, Saudi naval forces carry out Morgan-16 maritime training in Red Sea

Daily News Egypt
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Egyptian and Saudi naval forces carry out Morgan-16 joint maritime exercise in Red Sea.

According to Egyptian military spokesperson, frigate Taba, supply ship Halayeb, a number of rocket launchers, in addition to members of the Special Marine Forces, participated on Egyptian side. Saudi frigate Al-Riyadh, a PGG missile patrol ship, and members of the Saudi special marine units, participated from the Saudi side.

The past few days witnessed a number of intensive training activities for Egyptian and Saudi special naval forces, interspersed with a number of atypical and night shooters that focused on professional marine special forces training from marine thunderbolts and frogmen. This training is meant to prepare military forces against terrorist hostilities in the sea while dealing with possible hostilities from Red Sea islands.

Morgan-16 training comes within the framework of the Egyptian army’s joint training plan to enhance military cooperation with the Saudi army, while developing the capabilities of the Egyptian and Saudi navies in the field of planning, command, control, communications, and implementation of joint operations to counter atypical threats and secure the maritime theatre in the Red Sea.

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