Egypt reopens Jewish synagogue in Alexandria

Nada Deyaa’
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Egypt reopened the two and half century old Jewish synagogue, Eliyahu Hanavi, after three years of restoration on Friday.

Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that Egypt is unique in its cultural and civilisational diversity.
He added that the opening of the Jewish synagogue in Alexandria after its restoration is considered a message to the world that the Egyptian government cares about the Egyptian heritage of all religions.

This came during the opening of the Jewish synagogue in Alexandria after the restoration process, in the presence of Mohamed Tariq Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, Mustafa Waziri, President of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Ahmed Al-Wasif, President of the Federation of Tourism, Hossam Al-Shaer, President of the Chamber of Tourism, and Ahmed Youssef, the Head of the Egyptian Tourism promotion board.

During the inauguration , a documentary film on the city of Alexandria was presented on the cultural diversity and its embrace of all religions, presenting also the history of the Jewish synagogue and its construction in 1354.

The minister said that he witnessed the opening and inspection of a number of holy places of worship between Cairo and Alexandria, where he inspected the Royal Al-Fateh Mosque in Abdin district, then inspected the ancient church of Alexandria and went to open the Jewish synagogue after the restoration operations that lasted for nearly three years.

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