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Art D’Égypte takes part in 11th Abu Dhabi Art

This is the kind of support that arts need. It’s a collective effort, and the outcome has been amazing, says Art D'Égypte executive director

Over the decades, art knew no limits in place or time. When it comes to Egyptian contemporary art, the work of veteran artists always found its way to shine in international exhibitions attracting eyes and capturing hearts. At the 11th Abu Dhabi Art, a huge collection of diversified contemporary art pieces was on display, including some fascinating pieces of this year’s Art D’Égypte.

The PrayerThe Abu Dhabi exhibition took place on Saadiyat Island and in Al-Ain city showcasing art works from 50 galleries from across the globe. In its first partnership with an Egyptian institution, the Abu Dhabi Art collaborated with Art D’Égypte and Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery to present the best works of Egypt’s stellar contemporary artists.


“A lot of people have a certain image about Egypt, and they always think about only one thing when Egypt comes up: Pyramids, Pharaohs, and ancient history,” said Hana El Beblawy, executive director at Art D’Egypte.

“They focus only on the history of Egypt, not on contemporary or modern themes, so we want to shed light on this and showcase contemporary and modern Egyptian artists who are living and creating and impressing the world with their art,” El Beblawy added in a press release.

She further praised the support the exhibition received from the UAE government, stating that “this is the kind of support that arts need. It’s a collective effort, and the outcome has been amazing.”

The exhibition came to life under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and chairperson of Abu Dhabi Executive Office.

Art D’Égypte’s third exhibition took place in Cairo last month. In the heart of Egypt’s most famed Al-Muezz Street, the exhibition mixed between contemporary art and Egyptian heritage, bringing a creative blend of the reintroduced artwork of 28 artists that blended modernism with authenticity together. The platform was founded by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar.

The Egyptian exhibition took part in the international art hub with the support of Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery, which mainly focuses on “highlighting contemporary Egyptian artists in a variety of styles and mediums, by presenting their work nationally, regionally, and internationally,” according to the press release.

This is the first time that we see a collaboration between two art platforms: Karim Francis Gallery and Art D’Égypt. We are exhibiting the works of four artists from different generations and who have different styles,” said Karim Francis, owner and founder of the gallery.

The exhibition comes as a part of the Abu Dhabi Art 2019 enriching programme in which it offered more than 20,000 visitors a series of stimulating talks on such topics as the role of art and cultural identity, rising contemporary art centres and the perspective of new artistic generations. The programme also featured daily performances, workshops, and master classes that will provide visitors with the opportunity to engage with participating artists and learn more about their experiences.

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