Three rockets fired near US embassy in Iraq

Bassant Mohammed
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Three rockets landed near the United States embassy in Iraq as they targeted the capital’s fortified Green Zone, which hosts foreign embassies, security sources told AFP on Tuesday.

A foreign security source inside the Green Zone announced that two rockets exploded close to the US embassy, however the third one fell into the Tigris River, which the embassy overlooks, AFP added.

Although one of three rockets landed near the US embassy, and the second one exploded within three kilometres of its south eastern gate, officials could not determine whether the rockets were aimed at the US embassy, as the Green Zone also hosts many foreign embassies as well as the Iraqi government.

Moreover, an Iraqi security source also confirmed the attacks, in statements to AFP, adding that the rockets were launched from an area in southern Baghdad which is controlled by Iraqi militants backed by Iran.

However, no group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The officials also did not mention any casualties.

Monday’s attacks were the second such attacks since May when a rocket targeted the Green Zone and exploded near the sprawling US embassy compound.

Such attacks have been blamed on the Iranian-backed militias in Baghdad, who want the withdrawal of US troops in Iraq.

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