Cairo’s personal security index 2019 score within high ranking territory: The Economist

Hagar Omran
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Egypt’s capital, Cairo scored 59.3 points at the personal security index 2019,  which is recognised as within ‘high ranking’, according to the Safe Cities Index (SCI) 2019 report that was recently issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The index ranks 60 cities across 57 indicators covering personal security, digital security, health security, and infrastructure security.

Cairo came in the 53rd position at the personal security index, yet its 59.3 points put the capital in the ‘high rank’ cities, SCI sets points range from 50.1 to 75 points as high.

World’s top five cities at the personal security index are Singapore, Copenhagen, Denmark, Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan and Wellington, New Zealand, mentioned the report.

Cairo scored medium ranking by getting 48.6 points at the overall SCI’s ranking, noted the report, explaining that countries that score from 25.1 to 50 points are ranked in medium scores. However, Cairo came in the 55th position at the SCI.

Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; Osaka, Japan; Amsterdam, Netherlands and Sydney, Australia are the top five world’s safest cities in 2019, added the report.

Moreover, Tokyo is the world’s top city at the digital security index followed by Singapore, Chicago on the third position, then Washington DC while a couple of American cities seized the fifth rank which are Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Cairo came in the 58th position in the digital security index with 40.7 points which are considered a medium ranking, the report pointed out.

Osaka is the world’s safest city in the health security index followed by Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea, while Amsterdam, Netherlands and Stockholm, Sweden came in the fourth position, the report said, adding that Cairo came in the 56th position at the health security index with a medium score of 46.1 points.

Furthermore, the report mentioned that Singapore, Osaka, Barcelona, Tokyo and Madrid are the world’s top five in the infrastructure security index while Egypt scored medium ranking with 48.2 points.

According to data gathered for the index, on average across the 60 cities during the last five years, natural disasters have killed about 1.7 people per million population annually. The total number of deaths and injuries per year over the past decade in all the SCI cities combined is around 1,000—about half the number killed annually in pedestrian accidents in Cairo alone.

Technology plays an obvious role in digital security, especially after the new developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, the report said, adding that in healthcare, technological advances occur all the time, but one of the most exciting fields currently is the application of AI to data in order to improve 

public health. 

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