Financial bids for tender solar station construction in Zaafarana to be received 25 July

Mohamed Farag
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The New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) will receive financial offers from competing companies on the bid to construct a 50MW solar plant in Zaafarana on July 25.

The source told Daily News Egypt that three companies were technically qualified in the tender, including Nari, Vikram Solar, BELECTRIC. However, Elecnor and TCK Solar were eliminated for technical reasons.

The qualified companies were notified of the financial bids receipt date in official letters.

The sources explained that it is scheduled to analyse the financial and engineering offers of the company winning the implementation of the Zaafarana solar plant before the end of this year, in coordination with the project consultant.

Furthermore, the sources added that the price of selling the capacities produced from the project will not be equal to the price purchased by EETC from other stations of the authority. However, the price is negotiated to become close to the current prices.

The ministry of electricity and renewable energy aims to produce 20% of the NREA from the total capacity produced on the national grid of electricity until 2022, and seeks to make way for the private sector and Arab and international companies to invest in projects.

The sources pointed out that the number of requests submitted to the NREA for investment in projects confirms the ability of renewable energy to attract foreign and direct investment with positive impact on the economy. It also confirms the role of national institutions in creating a good investment climate as well as reducing risks and creating positive interaction with funding institutions and development partners.

The projects currently implemented includes the Zaafarana wind power complex with a capacity of 545MW, Gabal El Zeit wind power plant with a capacity of 580MW, and Koraimat solar power plant with 140MW capacity.

The first solar cells project in Kom Ombo was contracted with a capacity of 26MW, in addition to feed-in tariff projects in Benban, Aswan.

The sources also explained that the NREA plans to implement projects with a capacity of 500MW next year. Most of the projects will be implemented by the private sector, through tenders, decreasing bids, construction, operation, ownership, and other mechanisms to encourage the private sector.

It is scheduled to complete the implementation and operation of the Benban solar power complex in September, and the total capacity of the plant complex is 1,465MW.

Over 32 Arab and international companies have taken part in implementing the projects. The total investments amount to $2.5bn.

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