Sudan’s opposition agree to Ethiopia’s mediation draft agreement

Daily News Egypt
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Sudan’s main opposition coalition said, on Saturday, that it had received a draft agreement from the Ethiopian mediator and had agreed to all of its points defining the country’s governmental structure for the transitional period.


A draft of the Ethiopian proposal, seen by Reuters, suggested that the sovereign council would be made up of seven civilians and seven members of the military with one additional seat reserved for an impartial individual.

Babikr Faisal, a spokesman for the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition, gave no details on the contents of the agreement.

“Our acceptance of the Ethiopian mediation proposal pushes all the parties to face their responsibilities to continue toward finding a political solution,” the coalition later said in a statement.

“Therefore, we demand that the document be approved by the military council in order to move the situation in Sudan [forward].”

Early this June, Sudan’s security forces stormed the Khartoum sit-in. Dozens were killed and hundreds were wounded. Protest leaders accused a militia belonging to the military council of killing protesters in the bloody dispersal.

According to the Central committee of Sudan doctors (CCSD), 118 people were killed since the dispersal of the sit-in and four of them were killed on the first day of the civil disobedience. Forty of the casualties were allegedly retrieved from the Nile river. Regardless, the Sudanese Ministry of Health said that only 46 people were killed that Monday.

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