Number of 8 Egyptian tour operators likely to visit Indonesia in June

Hagar Omran
2 Min Read

The Indonesian embassy in Cairo is organising a trip for eight Egyptian tour operators to promote Indonesian tourism, said Helmy Fauzy, the Indonesian ambassador, adding that the embassy received many applications for the visit which is expected to take place in June.


Egyptians’ inquiries to travel to Bali, Indonesia, recently hiked following the broadcasting of the Ramez Fel Shalal’ show (Ramez in the waterfalls) that was presented by popular entertainer Ramez Galal during the holy month of Ramadan, the ambassador noted.


“The show was a great promotion for Indonesian tourism. We supported the visas facilitation of the crew and we weren’t engaged in the preparations or the sponsorship,” the ambassador emphasised.


Notably, the ambassador met with representatives of some Egyptians travel agents and tour operators in Alexandria recently in the presence of the representatives of the Indonesian embassy team.


Egypt is a second home for most Indonesians, the ambassador noted, affirming that numbers of Indonesian students in Egypt witnessed a significant increase over the past couple of years.


“Last year, 2,000 Indonesian students came to study in Egypt while we anticipate the numbers to increase in the future. The warm welcome of the Egyptians encourages more students to come here to study,” the ambassador elaborated.

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