EALB launches new retail banking package for first time in its history

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The Egyptian Arab Land Bank (EALB) has launched a wide range of retail banking services for the first time in its history, fulfilling the promises and covenants made by the board of directors since taking over the bank’s responsibility for the development, structuring, administering, and managing the EALB from a specialised real estate bank into an investment commercial real estate bank.

The package consists of personal loans to employees (easy cash, ICash, and I-Bankers), women’s loans (DIVA), educational loans (Madrasty), and club loans (Nadeek), as well as credit cards.

The EALB has also activated the products of progressive yield, mortgage finance, small and microenterprise loans, and expanded financing for large enterprises and companies.

The campaign has been launched under the slogan “AhlamKater-Eid Sandah Eid,” starting from the month of Ramadan and will extend up to the summer period. The campaign includes advertisements for roads, television, social networking sites, and YouTube, the establishment of a website, a page on Facebook and Instagram, and proliferating in marketing sites such as malls, clubs, and tourist villages in the northern coast.

Chairperson of the board of directors of EALB, Amr Kamal, said that the bank is moving steadily toward the implementation of the reform and development plans set by its current board strategy and helped by his colleagues.

Kamal expressed his pride and satisfaction with the bank’s success in issuing for the first time a completely new retail banking product portfolio, including diversified personal loans and credit cards. The bank has been transformed into a commercial real estate investment bank in a short period of time.

He added that this comes as a result of the board’s objectives of transforming the bank toward profitability by reaching novel and diverse segments of new customers and providing excellent banking services to them as well as to existing customers, which reflects positively on the bank’s results.

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