Hilton Hurghada Resort: Hospitality at its best

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When travelling, I think that we all have some memories that we cherish, and places that we will never forget. Once you spend an enjoyable time at a nice place, you will not be able to forget its beauty. I think it is also the same with hotels, as no can ever forget a good service and great hospitality.

Whenever you are planning your vacation, you must be very conscientious when it comes to choosing the right hotel. A whole vacation could be ruined if one is offered weak service, yet it would be remarkable if the stay is complemented by high standard service.

For me, I can confidently say that my decision to stay at the Hilton Hurghada Resort was definitely the right one. Choosing this place was one of the reasons which made my very short vacation memorable and comfortable.

Last month, I headed to Hurghada, one of Egypt’s oldest and most famous resorts, to have a good time by the shores of the Red Sea. Hilton Hurghada was really a perfect fit for a stress-free weekend, not only because it is a five-star hotel, but also for the great hospitality and reasonable prices it offers. Hilton has long been a recognised name in the industry, with people from all over the world visiting it for almost a century.

Throughout my three-day stay at Hilton Hurghada, I was surrounded with a very warm atmosphere from all the staff members, who were all cooperative and friendly. I can say that everything was perfect, starting from the mouth-watering food, lovely entertainment, and most important of all, the beach.

Personally, I think that staff are a very essential element in hotels, as they can definitely affect your stay and ensure that your needs are catered to. At Hilton, all the staff members were friendly, polite, and professional with prompt service.

As for my accommodation, I was staying in one of the rooms which were recently renovated, as part of the hotel’s renovation project. I loved the room, with its blue and brown colours, which are inspired by the sea. I found the room’s modern design and furniture, simple and calming. My room overlooked beautiful scenery, of the hotel’s swimming pool, surrounded by vibrant flowers and greenery. It was my favourite part of the day, when I woke up to this perfect scenery!

Regarding the hygiene, as with most people, it was my number one concern. The reality exceeded my expectations for the room’s hygiene and cleanliness, as Hilton Hurghada Resort met the international standards of high-end hotels. The hotel’s housekeeping team made sure that the room was ready and clean before I returned back every day–with fresh bed linen and glassware.

My room was also equipped with comforting essentials such as a hair dryer, ironing machine, a shoehorn, a nail file, a loofah, all of those things were great signs of hospitality and made me feel right at home. Moreover, I always came back to my room to find crackers and sweets which was a very nice touch.

Diverse cuisine and mouth-watering food

Now, I will talk about another exciting part of my trip which is the food! During my first day I attended a themed night at Pebbles, the hotel’s main restaurant. The theme was titled ‘Egyptian street’, which reflected Egyptian traditions from food, dances, to customs.

The entrance of the restaurant was inviting and appealing as several chefs were standing in a line wearing traditional Egyptian outfits such as the ‘galabiya’ and skullcap while sitting in front of the infamous circled ‘Tabalya’ table. They provided various oriental food from hawawshy, fattah, liver, to mixed grill.

Besides the delicious oriental food, Pebbles had an animation team which was dancing to traditional Egyptian music. The restaurant was a great balance between delicious food and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Moving on to the second day, I had an exquisite barbeque lunch by the picturesque sea. I chose my plate from a menu that included a diverse menu ranging from chicken, beef, pizza, etc. My selected grilled chicken plate arrived hot and inviting, and its taste was even better, as the spices were mouth-watering and delicious, and it was perfectly grilled.

On my third day, I was excited to try the hotel’s Champs bar, where I tried for my first time a chicken breast plate with sesames presented with variety of sauces. At Champs bar, I tried a variety of amazing appetisers including crunchy friend shrimps, chicken wings, spring rolls, samosa, and chicken breast. Although I tried those same appetisers in many restaurants before, I can say that the taste of those ones were really unique–the chef’s secret recipe turned out to be just perfect!

My main dish was a medium-cooked beefsteak, which was covered with a melting brown and black pepper sauce, presented with crunchy fries and well-cooked sautéed vegetables. Cooking a perfect steak is not always an easy job for any chef, but it was a really enjoyable meal. 

During my last day, I was still unable to get enough of the delicious food at Hilton Hurghada Resort, so I headed toward the Italian restaurant, La Casa. For the starter, I ate garlic bread spiced with basil. They also served a perfect mixture of cheese, olives, olive oil, tomatoes with basil sauce as a dip, and a  caesar salad covered with a secret tangy dressing. For the main plate, I had a well-fried cordon blue stuffed with cheese, and the best spaghetti bolognese ever.

After finishing my enticing meal, it was time for me to leave and get back to Cairo. I sadly walked to my room, and was aided by the most helpful staff, who guided me every step until I got into the cab which took me to the airport. I left the hotel with a yearning to come back again, which I will make sure to do!

Reflecting on my stay, it was enjoyable overall, and my weekend getaway turned out to be perfectly relaxing. My stay at Hilton Hurghada enabled me to have a peaceful and a stress-free time, coupled with excellent services, and amazing food. My stay exceeded my expectations, and that is why I will definitely choose Hilton Hurghada Resort whenever I return to this beautiful city overlooking the magical Red Sea.

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