Egypt participates in Global Coalition Against Daesh’s meeting in London

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Egypt’s delegation in the Global Coalition Against Daesh asserted Egypt’s commitment to counter terrorism during a meeting of the group in London.

Egypt was represented by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Hafez, who asserted that fighting terrorism should be not be confined to one or two militant groups, adding that terrorism should be countered in all contexts and forms.

Hafez added that the fight against terrorism is an “intellectual fight” as all the militant groups fall under the same intellectual umbrella that is created by the now banned Muslim Brotherhood group.

Furthermore, Hafez has also presented Egypt’s efforts in countering militancy and extremist thoughts, referring to the state’s calls to renew religious discourse as well as the mega military campaign ‘Sinai 2018’.

Egypt has been diplomatically advocating against militant groups all over the Middle East.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the ministry of foreign affairs have stated in several speeches and statements that the country is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world. They have also asked for help from the international community in assisting Egypt in its counter-insurgency against militants.

Egypt’s Ministry of Religious Endowments condemned the actions of the ‘Islamic State’ (IS), accusing the militant group of being “disinterested in humanity”. The ministry also accused the group of tampering with dead bodies, and “torture, which is forbidden in Islam”.

Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta and the major religious institution, Al-Azhar, have both condemned the actions of ‘IS’ and the Shi’a militias in Iraq.

An international social media campaign was launched by Dar Al-Ifta to “clarify the image of Islam across the globe due to the terrorist group’s violent acts”. The campaign also aims to ensure that “all Muslims reject these practices that are contrary to the principles of tolerant Islam, which calls for coexistence”.

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