Kahromika signs contract for its new branch in UAE

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Misr for Mechanical and Electrical Projects, Kahromika, part of Arabia Investment Holding, has signed an agreement to commence work on its first branch in the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement falls under the support of Sheikh Zayed bin Said bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan to start a comprehensive, electromechanical contracting plan for infrastructure, energy, water, and fuel projects inside the UAE.

Moreover, the CEO of Kahromika, Sherif El-Sheikh, has assured that the new extension in the UAE is part of the company’s efforts to expand in the Gulf countries as well as the Middle East region. “Kahromika has an impressive record of achievements in the GCC that goes back to more than 47 years,” he said.

Throughout this period, the company has never ceased to become an outstanding example for Egyptian companies pioneering in the electromechanical ecosystem. Kahromika grants exemplary international quality standards.

El-Sheikh has also stated that the UAE is among the well-established countries in following the latest technological advancements in electrical energy. The country adopts a comprehensive and futuristic perspective in achieving sustainable development.

As for the recent company expansion in the UAE, El-Sheikh said that this, in itself, is a great achievement that highlights the company’s extensive efforts in providing unparalleled quality of work that adheres to the UAE’s strict regulations. The regulations include following the highest quality standards and international measurements in all projects conducted on its land.

In addition, El-Sheikh elaborated that Kahromika’s branch in the UAE will provide an inclusive set of needed services and logistics for all types of projects, such as power plants, networks, pumping stations–which all adhere to top quality standards and use the company’s areas of expertise to move toward attaining sustainable development.

“The company has an ambitious plan for 2019 which mainly focuses on shedding light on its previous projects in the fields of electrical and mechanical energy in Egypt as well as abroad. I hope this new agreement will deepen the good image of Egyptian companies in the GCC, as well as open new leads for further collaborations. Such achievements are bound to reflect on the strength of the Egyptian economy by creating new work opportunities and providing hard currencies,” El-Sheikh added.

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